Astrodon Imaging offers products that simplify astrophotography.  We began in 2002 to serve the interests of the CCD astronomical imaging community for both pretty picture imaging and scientific research.  We strive to make the best performing products available.  We shall invest in product improvement based upon feedback from our customers.  We will be accessible and responsive to our customers and prospective customers.  We will continue to innovate and bring new products to the imaging community that again, simplify astrophotography. 



Astrodon Tru-Balance  filters simplify RGB imaging by equalizing the flux for general classes of CCD detectors, that allows you to combine your RGB color data with nearly equal weights.  This allows you to take your color images and their corresponding dark frames with the same exposure time, while achieving a G2V white point balance for correct star colors and balanced OIII teal color in emssion objects.

Astrodon narrowband filters for H-a, OIII and SII provide the highest performance available for bringing out structure in emission objects, and allow you to image when the moon is up and image from light polluted environments.

Astrodon research grade Sloan (u',g',r',i',z') and Johnson/Bessell (UVBRIc) all-dielectric-coated filters provide the highest performance and durability available for photometric research.

Astrodon off-axis guiders allow you to guide your  telescope in the same optical path as your imaging camera, thereby eliminating the cost for a separate guide scope and the potential for differential flexure.

Astrodon remotely-controlled camera rotators allow you to frame your object exactly the way you want and help to find guide stars.

Designed for astrophotographers by astrophotographers.


Don S. Goldman, Ph.D.
Astrodon Imaging
Roseville, California  U.S.A.


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