The Astrodon TAKometer is a remotely controlled camera rotator  It works with FSQ106, FSQ-ED, TOA130F and TOA150F Takahashi refractors having 4" focusing tubes. The motor plate clamps to the 4" focusing tube and a large gear clamps to the CAA (Camera Angle Adjustor). A timing belt connects the two and is driven by Technical Innovations' ROBO-FOCUS system with easy-to-use Astrodon software.  This system can be adapted with special connectors to attach to other telescopes, such as SCTs.

Many astrophotographers use remotely controlled rotators for their cameras on larger telescopes to better frame their targets, such as elongated galaxies, galaxy clusters or extended emission nebulae.   Also, a slight rotation may bring a guide star onto the guide detector.  Rotation is the key for this.  And, since many astrophotographers control their systems remotely, even in their backyard 50 feet away, having a remotely controlled rotator becomes important, especially on cold winter nights.  The TAKometer was designed for this purpose. 

  • Uses Takahashi 4" focusing tubes (FSQ, TOAs)
  • Is not load-bearing.
  • Clamps onto the CAA and focusing tube
  • Only 1/2" backfocus (critical for the FSQ106)
  • Can be operated electronically at the telescope
  • Easy installation at home
  • Timing belt and pulley gear with tensioner 
  • ROBO FOCUS motor and relay box
  • Astrodon TAKometer Control Software 
  • 18 steps per degree of rotation
  • Supported by CCDAutoPilot and CCD Commander
  • Can be used with Astrodon MonsterMOAG
  • NEW ASCOM driver

Adaptor Details

Product Details

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TAKometer (TAKometer)


Adaptor - 92-98mm for CAA to 4" focus tube (TAK9298)


Adaptor - TAK CAA- AP 2.7" Female 1/2" long (CAA-APF)


TAKometer ASCOM Driver (TAK_ASCOM)
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